Happy Veterans Day!

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My high school buddy Curt joined the U.S. Navy not long after we graduated from Clark High in Las Vegas. Curt went on to spend more than twenty years on nuclear submarines in defense of our great nation. Over his career, I figure this sacrifice cost Curt several years worth of 24/7 days and weeks completely separated from his wife Joni and their two boys. I don’t mean the go-to-work-early and get-home-late kind of separation, either. I mean the complete, total, see-you-next-year kind of separation. Brutal on a family. Almost like prison (at least in this respect). Curt’s one of thousands, and, in many ways is one of the lucky ones.

Curt’s lucky because he finished his service and came home. The same can’t be said for many of America’s young men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us. So, on this Veteran’s Day in 2011, for my friend Curt and for all the other Americans who served in the military defending our freedoms, thanks.

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