Mona Lisa Eyes nears completion

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Mona Lisa Eyes Version 1I am very happy to report that after many months of work, frustration, starting over, and then more work, Mona Lisa Eyes has finally reached the point where it’s gone to the editors. That’s right, Danny Logan, Toni Blair and the rest of the crew will soon be back in action. Barring some sort of editorial catastrophe, I’m setting an Amazon release date of June 21. My fingers are crossed.

After all the work that Logan #4 took, I’m excited about the way “MLE” turned out. It’s a classic “who-dun-it?” with a bit of a Seattle twist tossed in for good measure.

I like to think that each successive Logan novel has gotten a little better than the ones before – at least in terms of the way the story hits the paper. (I certainly have plenty of room to improve.) Hopefully, Mona Lisa Eyes will meet with your approval.

Between the blog and the posts on Facebook, I’ll keep everyone updated on release date progress.

By the way, let me know what you think of the cover.


Mark (M.D.) Grayson

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