In the Danny Logan Series debut, beautiful Seattle business heiress Gina Fiore has vanished without a trace.  Desperate for help, her family turns to Gina’s old boyfriend, Danny Logan  to find her and bring her home safely.  Logan is a fifth-generation Seattle native who owns the Logan Private Investigaton Agency.  Along with his associates Antoinette “Toni” Blair, Kenny Hale, and Joaquin Khiatel, he accepts the case and begins the hunt for Gina.

Logan and his team dig for clues and soon find that they’re not the only ones looking for Gina.  The TIjuana-Mendez drug cartel is keenly interested in her whereabouts, as is the Calabria crime family from Chicago.  The race is on to find Gina and bring her home safely and the stakes could not be higher.  In order to prevail, Logan’s going to not only need all of the skill and luck he can gather, he’s going to need to confront the unresolved feelings he still has for Gina – feelings that might just get him killed!

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Seattle mathematician Thomas Rasmussen had everything to live for. He had a beautiful, loving wife and two great kids. He was well known and respected in his field . His startup company – Applied Cryptographic Solutions recently finished building a revolutionary decryption device called The Starfire Protocol that was already attracting offers in the millions.

So with all that going for him, why would Thomas drive to Discovery Park at six-thirty on a dark, rainy morning, put a .357 magnum to his head and pull the trigger? The police say the evidence is conclusive – it was definitely a suicide. But that made no sense to his wife, Katherine. So she did what people in Seattle do when they need help on matters such as these. She turned to Danny Logan and the Logan Private Investigation Agency.

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When danger comes lurking in the night, most people run home and hide—safe behind a locked door. For others, though, running home isn’t the answer. For these unlucky ones, when the front door closes and locks at night—the horror’s not locked outside. It’s locked inside.

Isabel Delgado knows all about horror. For nearly five years, her step-father subjects her to the kind of abuse and depravation that no child should ever have to endure. But Isabel survives. Her spirit is strong and she never gives up hope. On the morning of her 16th birthday, Isabel takes a stand. She wakes early, gathers her things in a school backpack, and with a last look behind, she runs. But Isabel’s not prepared for what she finds.

In the third Danny Logan mystery novel, Danny Logan and the entire team at Logan PI–”Toni” Blair, Kenny Hale, and “Doc” Kiahtel—are back for their most exciting and most important adventure yet. Their mission—find Isabel and rescue her from the street gangs and the seething cauldron of teen-age prostitution and human trafficking.

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Danny Logan has known for a while that his partner, Antoinette “Toni” Blair is an extraordinarily gifted woman. But when she tells him one morning that beautiful heiress Sophie Thoms is looking right at her with her “Mona Lisa Eyes”, speaking to her with her gaze alone, Logan starts to worry. And for good reason: Sophie Thoms was murdered three months ago.

The police are baffled by the case and they offer no objections when Sophie’s father, billionaire industrialist Sir Jacob Thoms, hires Logan PI to represent the family. Danny, Toni, and the rest of the crew dive headlong into a foreign world – a world of wealth and privilege, a world of beautiful women and their superstar boyfriends, a world where normal boundaries and limits no longer seem to apply. They soon learn that this is not your normal PI case. Then again, nobody ever accused Danny Logan and Toni Blair of being your normal detectives.

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Someone wants to buy Mike and Sylvia Lyon’s Pioneer Square office building. Mike’s family has owned the building for more than 100 years, though, and he and Sylvia don’t want to sell at any price. Whoever’s behind the offer won’t take “no” for an answer – a harassment campaign begins and Mike and Sylvia’s tenants begin bailing out. Faced with financial disaster, the Lyon’s do what many Seattleites have done for the past six years when they need help: they call Logan Private Investigations.

Danny Logan, Toni Blair, Doc Kiahtel, and Kenny Hale swing into action on behalf of the Lyon’s and soon find themselves facing off against a brutal drug lord– a man with a brilliantly diabolical plan to take his Seattle ecstasy business nationwide. All he needs to do? Get control of the Lyon Building. But to do that, he must first get rid of Danny Logan.

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