No Way To Die

Seattle mathematician Thomas Rasmussen had everything to live for.  He had a beautiful, loving wife and two great kids.   He was well known and respected in his field .  His startup company – Applied Cryptographic  Solutions, recently finished building a revolutionary decryption device called The Starfire Protocol that was already attracting offers in the millions.

With all that going for him, why would Thomas drive to Discovery Park at six-thirty on a dark, rainy morning, put a .357 magnum to his head and pull the trigger? The police say the evidence is conclusive – it was definitely a suicide.  But that made no sense to his wife, Katherine.  So she did what people in Seattle do when they need help on matters such as these.  She turned to Danny Logan and the Logan Private Investigation agency.

Logan, along with his associates Antoinette “Toni” Blair, Joaquin “Doc” Kiahtel, and Kenny Hale roll into action, determined to find out what really happened.  Did Thomas die by his own hand?  Or was he murdered?  Either way:  why?  The answer to these questions would only be found at the end of a trail full of lies, conflicting evidence, and extreme danger.  But one thing was certain:  alone in a car in a dark parking lot in the rain is certainly No Way to Die.

No Way to Die (Danny Logan Mystery #2)
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From the Publisher

Danny Logan, Toni Blair, and the rest of the Logan PI crew are back in action in the second Danny Logan mystery.  They’re investigating the supposed suicide of a famous mathematician – a man who was on the brink of revealing a new set of encryption protocols that could rock the world.  But if they’re right – if it was murder, not suicide,  then whoever did the killing must be highly skilled and highly motivated – exactly the type of someone who would not appreciate being investigated.  And, if that someone had already killed once, they’d have no trouble killing again to prevent Logan from uncovering the truth.

Book Details

  • Pub. Date:   July 2012
  • Publisher:  Cedar Coast Press
  • Format:  eBook, Paperback
  • ISBN:  978-0-9849518-9-5 (Paperback)
  • ISBN:  978-0-9849518-5-7 (E-Book)
  • Library of Congress Control Number: 2012943015