Beta Reader Signup

Thanks for your interest in the M.D. Grayson Beta-Reader program.  Beta Readers are the “resident experts” that I lean on to make sure I don’t get too clever with plots or, especially, I don’t push the envelope too far with the characters.  By now, you probably know Danny Logan and Toni Blair as well as I do.  You’re uniquely qualified to say, “Hey, Grayson!  Toni Blair would never say or do this or that.”  I value your input.

Basically, the way it works is that when I get a new novel to the point it can be read (probably through the first round of developmental editing) then we’ll send an email to everyone on the list, confirming your continued wish to participate.  If you’re in, we’ll ship you an ebook (probably in PDF format as most readers can handle PDF’s).  Part 1 –  I’ll ask you to read the book.  We’ll be on a fairly tight schedule so this will need to happen relatively quickly – a week or 10 days max.  Then I’ll send out a questionnaire (I won’t do this in advance because I don’t want to influence your clear, unbiased opinions until after you’re done.  The questionaire will focus on things I’m aware of, if not concerned about.  Let me know what you think.  Then, for Part 3, a blank page where you can write out any comments, questions, or concerns.  Finally, Part 4 – I’ll ask you to write a short but thoughtful review that I can post on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

That’s it!  It should be fun.  I’ll list all the Beta Readers in the Acknowledgement section of the published versions.

Here’s the form: