Blue Molly

Kindle eBook  |  2014 |  Coming soon:  Paperback, iBook, KOBO, and Barnes & Noble eBooks

SUMMARY                         PRAISE

Blue Molly has nearly 200 5-Star reviews on Amazon.


“The Danny Logan series is my out and out favorite series in e-books! They are all exciting, very well researched, I cannot pick up one slip-up on characters or changes from past books. It is as though they are true stories about the same cast of people I know well and dearly love! The storylines are all so varied, and so interesting they offer much more than the usual detective story. Well worth a read and follow up with more of Danny Logan for good measure!”


“Danny Logan PI is like Stone Barrington in Stuart Wood’s novels. Both characters are great guys! Once you begin reading the story, you cannot put the book down. In all of the Danny Logan novels, there is always interesting information about Seattle. This one features the underground plaza. The restaurants in the novel are real places in Seattle..”


“I have read quite a few of Grayson’s books about Danny Logan and his crew. I like the characters he’s created, their relationships to each other, and the devilish predicaments they get themselves into. His descriptions of Seattle with the details of that area take me right back there where I lived for a while. Grayson seems to have a special twist at the end of each story which makes it unpredictable and delightful. At the end of each book I put it down then look for another Danny Logan Mystery. Keep writing them M. D. Grayson!”


“I choose the highest rating because M.D. Grayson is absolutely spot on in the descriptions of Seattle. The story line leads you along twisting and turning until you think you know the answer of who is the bad guy. Then before you know it another twist and you find out you really weren’t expecting this bad guy. This series is great and I look forward to reading more books by this author. Thanks for a great reading experience and get busy writing more because I can’t wait to read more.”

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