Blue Molly
Kindle eBook  |  2014 |  Coming soon:  Paperback, iBook, KOBO, and Barnes & Noble eBooks
SUMMARY                         PRAISE
From the roof tops of buildings, to the depths of the Seattle Underground, Seattle #1 mystery author M.D. Grayson sets a battle in motion that pits Danny Logan and his crew against a ruthless designer drug cartel …
“Looking back, I should have never taken my eyes off the short bald guy with the pool cue.  I mean, I have no excuse:  I saw him coming.”

Someone wants to buy Mike and Sylvia Lyon’s Pioneer Square office building.  Mike’s family has owned the building for more than 100 years, though, and he and Sylvia don’t want to sell at any price.  Whoever’s behind the offer won’t take “no” for an answer – a harassment campaign begins and Mike and Sylvia’s tenants begin bailing out.  Faced with financial disaster, the Lyon’s do what many Seattleites have done for the past six years when they need help: they call Logan Private Investigations.

Danny Logan, Toni Blair, Doc Kiahtel, and Kenny Hale swing into action on behalf of the Lyon’s and soon find themselves facing off against a brutal drug lord– a man with a brilliantly diabolical plan to take his Seattle ecstasy business nationwide.  All he needs to do?  Get control of the Lyon Building.  But to do that, he must first tunnel through the Seattle Underground and get rid of Danny Logan.


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