Danny Logan Mystery Collection Volumes 1-3

Kindle eBook  |  2015 |  Coming soon:  iBook, KOBO, and Barnes & Noble eBooks

#1 Seattle mystery author M.D. Grayson  takes readers on a thrilling journey in this collection that includes the first three novels in the Danny Logan mystery series.

When John Logan moved his young family from Ireland to Seattle in 1885, he worked on the docks in the daytime and studied law at night, eventually opening his own law firm just before the turn of the twentieth century.  There’s been a Logan at the helm of Logan & Associates for five generations ever since.  Which made Danny Logan’s decision put off college and instead enlist in the army at the start of Operation Enduring Freedom all the more puzzling.  But Danny had a plan:  three years in the infantry, then four more where he’d receive the best law enforcement training available as an army CID agent.  Then when he discharged, he’d open his own private investigation agency and charge the fancy Seattle lawyers a king’s ransom for the best PI services in Seattle. And that’s exactly what he did.  Except for the king’s ransom part – he’s still waiting for that.


Gina Fiore, a beautiful business heiress – who happens to be Danny’s high school sweetheart – goes missing.  The family hires Logan PI and Danny jumps in to find Gina before the cartels and the mob do.


No one believes Thomas Rasmussen committed suicide.  No one, that is, except the Seattle Police Department.  Suspicions mount, though, when the team discovers that Rasmussen’s firm has just invented the Starfire Protocol – a cryptographic device with the deciphering power to break the most complex modern security codes, thus placing the whole world of e-commerce at risk.


Alone, vulnerable, on the run, Isabel DelGado is a young girl in deep trouble.  Fortunately, her best friend is Kelli Blair – sister of Antoinette “Toni” Blair.  Kelli receives a suspicious text and asks Toni for help.  Toni talks to Danny and the entire Logan PI team dives headlong into the horrific world of teen-age prostitution and human trafficking.

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