Isabel’s Run

Paperback | Kindle eBook  |  2012 |  Coming soon:  iBook, KOBO, and Barnes & Noble eBooks

SUMMARY                         PRAISE

Isabel’s Run has more than 200 5-Star reviews on Amazon.


“I would have chosen more stars had they been available. WOW I was moved to tears, hung on to my seat, prayed, and feared turning the page throughout this book. I would recommend this book to any parent out there that doesn’t understand how real, horrid, heartbreaking, and done right sickening sex slave trading is in our world today!! As a professional I beg parents to know where their children are no matter how old fashioned it may sound because death is never and will never be old fashioned. This is as real as it gets though written as fiction. This author certainly did his homework and this most certainly will not be my last book by Mr. Grayson although I feel I need to find a really hilarious comedy and download it before I read ANYTHING else. My psyche needs a break. Nothing else needs to be said here unless if you haven’t read this title and you are a parent or a professional, please do so….”


“I enjoy the details of police procedural novels. I like the “working together” model between Logan PI and the Seattle Police.  Isabel’s story was as powerful to me as the story that Grisham recently released about the environmental devastation in the Appalachian Mountains called “Gray Mountain.”  Grayson’s novels are a complex mix of action, relationships, and good old-fashioned police work. I’ve enjoyed reading them. They are quite a bit like a Grisham novel.”


“An intense search for an abducted teen-age girl leads directly to the pornography, slave trafficking and prostitution that exists and is spreading in this nation and world-wide. Fiction sometimes speaks louder and more pointedly than fact and this action packed revelation packs a punch as it opens a reality to serious consideration. A great story, well told with a well developed cast of characters. Well worth the time.”


 “Just finished “Isabel’s Run The 3rd book in the series. I have read all three and as Grayson says each one gets better. I loved all three books and am glad I started with the first”Angel’s Dance” While they can be read in any order they are great as a series. I love the characters, not just the principles but every single one. A wild array of great character’s that you really get into. I read alot, a book or more a week and I just can’t say enough about how much I am enjoying this series. Gotta go! I just about to start “Mona Lisa Eyes”. can’t wait!”

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