Mona Lisa Eyes

Paperback | Kindle eBook  |  2013 |  Coming soon:  iBook, KOBO, and Barnes & Noble eBooks

SUMMARY                         PRAISE

Mona Lisa Eyes has more than 400 5-Star reviews on Amazon.


“I am really hooked on M D Grayson’s Danny Logan novels. Just completed #4 and started #5 all one after the other. I love the characters the scenarios and dialogue. I am an avid reader with a wide group of preferences so it is unusual that I would stick to on series like I have.
Everything in the books are of interest, Life in Seattle, Romance of the characters without jumping into their bedrooms, diverse backgrounds of all the players. I can’t say enough about these page turners. I have trouble putting them down. I recommend starting at #1 Angel Dance but each book stands alone. 5 stars for M D Grayson.”


“I have a new favorite author. Fairly simple to justify, this author knows how to weave a good tale.”


“Sometimes you really feel like you’ve read a book-not just passed some time. This is one of those books that gets you involved with the characters and immersed in the detail of what they see and do. However, everything described is essential to the plot or character development. There is no boring “word filler” that is such a yawn. I found it fascinating and realistic without any of those outrageous plot devices that annoy me to no end..”


 “Another great read in this series. Well written with believable characters and intriguing plots make you feel like you know the main characters. Fast paced from the start and so believable. Can`t wait to read more of this series. Would recommend this for anyone who loves a great book.”

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