No Way to Die

Paperback | Kindle eBook  |  2012 |  Coming soon:  iBook, KOBO, and Barnes & Noble eBooks

SUMMARY                         PRAISE

No Way to Die has almost 500 5-Star reviews on Amazon.


“There is an incredible amount of research that went into this book. What appears to be an open and shut incident never is. Instead, the reader is led through a series of complex subplots- that are explained in great detail, logically possible and always related to a simple incident occurring in the first few pages of the book. Because the incidents are so logical and the characters so engaging, the reader flys through the novel with interest and marvel at the skill of the author. Grayson is a thinking person’s author; the book a true pleasure to read!”


“This is definitely the way to write a book.”


“This book has more than just a good plot–it has fascinating characters, action, drama, and a super ending. You are Never bored and many times a bit surprised. I can see this as a TV series….reminds me of Rockford!”


“M.D. Grayson has created well developed characters who are easy to relate to and the plot was strong and the finish was outstanding! I accidentally started with the second book in the series but I had no problem reading it as a standalone.”

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