Spring’s here so it’s out with the old, in with the new.  First off, though, here’s an update on the latest Danny Logan mystery – I say “mystery”, but technically, The Seattle Shuffle is a “caper”.  Think “Danny Logan and crew” meet  The Sting (at least that’s what I hope you’ll think after you’ve read it!).   Shuffle has been through the first round of developmental editing (thanks, Beth J.) and I’m working hard on it now.  It should be ready for release this summer – been a long time coming. I’ll turn loose more information as it gets closer.

Now – on to the the M.D. Grayson Spring Renewal Project.

First, it starts with a committment to do two things.  1) I’m going to communicate better.  I want to post a blog article weekly and a Facebook post even more often than that.  2) I’m going to step up my delivery pace.  It’s been a l-o-n-g time between novels.  (more on this below).

Second, I hadn’t updated my website in about four years and it was really starting to look a little “long in the tooth”.  So, as step one of the “M.D. Grayson spring renewal project”, I’ve built an entirely new site.  It not only looks better, more importantly, it provides easier access to the books and other information.  Stop by and check it out at www.mdgrayson.com.

Third, I’ve started a Patreon campaign so that I can get back to full time writing – you can get more information on the new website in the “Indies” section. or by clicking here:

Finally, I’ll be updating my Facebook page in the next day or so..  I’ve made a new resolution to post regularly..  You can reach it at www.facebook.com/mdgraysonauthorpage

Thanks!  Talk to you next week.