Notice anything strange about the chart below?  It’s a snapshot of authors on Goodreads (Amazon’s reader’s club) that shows an author’s overall rating along with the # of ratings as of 3/27/2018.


Good news!  Your humble author here rings in at a 4.06 overall rating – just behind Nora Roberts but well ahead of a bunch of well-known, heavy-weight wordsmiths.  I find this encouraging and it imbues me with a raging urge to go forth and create new prose.

But . . .  my enthusiasm is tempered by the other side of the report:  I have a miniscule number of ratings.  Apparently, relatively few people have heard of this M.D. Grayson character, even though he apparently writes a damn fine novel.  This needs fixing.  Somehow, I have to get in front of a much bigger audience.

Digging deeper, I note that of all the authors on the list, only one is a self-published “Indie”: you guessed it  –  it’s me.   Every one of the other authors in this survey is published by a “big name” publisher.  Which means every one of these other authors has a big-time marketing budget standing behind their writing efforts.  Alas – I do not.   So, assuming that I’m not going to get a surprise call from Random House in the next hour or so, I have to find another way to fix this problem.  Here’s my plan.

First, I’ve begun a Patreon campaign in hopes of being able to write full time and have more funds to pour into a sustained marketing effort.  People who help by pledging a small contribution each month get cool rewards, plus the satisfaction of knowing you helped launch a new literary career.  Click on the “Become a Patron” button below to find out how you can help for as little as $1 per month.  It will be much appreciated.

Second, I’ll be starting another crowdfunding campaign called a Kickstarter campaign for each new release – the first to start in a couple of months.  These funds will be used to pay for professional editors, cover artists, plus to fund an aggressive new-release marketing campaign.

Third, I’ve recently revamped my website and my Facebook page and I’ve made a resolution to be much more active on social media so that people will know what’s going on in M.D. Grayson’s world.

Finally, I’m going to attempt to write three or four new novels a year.  The buzz that accompanies a new release is very valuable – I’d like it to occur several times a year.

It’s my hope that in doing all these things (and more as I think of them), I can begin to bridge the marketing gap between myself and “the big guys.”  Then, hopefully more and more people will hear about M.D. Grayson (and buy my novels!).