Publisher’s Weekly Review


I’m happy to say that The Rain City Hustle was recently reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly, one of the most highly regarded book review organizations in the world (they’ve been at it since 1872!).

“In Grayson’s strong sixth crime novel featuring Seattle PIs Danny Logan and Toni Blair (after 2014’s Blue Molly), an old army buddy of Danny’s, Kate Morgan, is in a bind. Kate owns a small film company and is completing production of a murder mystery movie. But the project is put at risk after her boyfriend, Ray LeGrande, the movie’s director, makes a deal with the devil to get the company some much needed cash. In exchange for a $500,000 loan at extortionate rates from mobster Frank Thorne, Ray provides an oil painting worth millions as collateral, but it’s one that he stole from Kate’s father.  Under pressure to repay the loan and retrieve the artwork, Kate agrees to collaborate in an elaborate scheme that aims at doing both, without anyone getting their legs broken—or worse. Grayson brilliantly lays out the steps to set the stage for the con while keeping readers uncertain whether it will succeed. This is a fun and clever romp.” – Publisher’s Weekly


Discovery Book Review

Here’s what a Discovery book reviewer just had to say about The Rain City Hustle:

“The characters are so tightly drawn, they are chiseled. At some points Danny Logan, the main character, is as driven as Dashiell Hammett’s Same Spade, only in a Seattle way. Readers see the dogged detective and his partner/fiancee’, Toni Blair, in the middle of a caper. Thus begins The Rain City Hustle, a long con that spills in slow motion for readers’ delights. M.D. Grayson lets them observe and absorb at a leisurely pace as the actions unravel a rollicking knight’s quest filled with characters that are noir familiar, yet not cliche’. The gangsters are devious enough to be evil. The heroes are brave enough to respect. That said, no one in the novel is entirely straight. The plot seems simple, but has as many layers as a fist-sized Vidalia onion.

Mystery mavens will love this book. I wished I had time to read the author’s other works. Plot geniuses who think they know what happens will be surprised. The end is not predictable. Grayson writes with a flourish that paints every scene as clear as in film. Every time a reader thinks they know the next scene, the author drops another twist that spurs a desire to follow the story maze down to the final page.”   – Vincent Golphin, Discovery Book Reviewer

Good news!  The Rain City Hustle was officially released this past Thursday.  To all those of you who’ve already purchased a copy, thanks!  I appreciate it.

There are something like six million books available at Amazon and The Hustle is slowly making its way up the best seller rankings.  The higher the ranking, the more Amazon promotes the book.  So, if  you haven’t already done so, you can pick up your copy here:  The Rain Street Hustle.

When you’re finished reading, if you liked it, please consider leaving a review.  Reviews are an important factor in the Amazon algorithm that determines how much and how aggressively Amazon promotes the book.

Again, thanks for your continued support. And remember:  move fast, stay one step ahead!

An Entertaining and Engagingly Complicated Joyride.

The Rain City Hustle has just been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews – one of the publication industry’s two or three top book review companies.  They were founded in 1933 and they’re based in New York City.

The Kirkus reviewer said: “Grayson, a fine storyteller, notes in his acknowledgements that he was inspired to become a writer after viewing the classic 1973 film The Sting, and here he creates his own intriguingly clever caper.  An entertaining and engagingly complicated joyride.”

Fine story teller, eh?  I’ll take that.

You can see the entire review at Kirkus Reviews.  

The Rain City Hustle will be released on Amazon on September 15, 2022 but it’s available for pre-order now.  If you can’t wait (and you’re willing to provide an honest review), click here for a free Advanced Review Copy.



The Rain City Hustle Selected for Exclusive List

The Rain City Hustle has been selected for inclusion on the LoveReading website’s exclusive “Indie Books We Love” list.

“A crime fiction with drama, thrills and spills that shows why it’s best to not exploit someone with a movie making company and access to set designers, special effects and a cast of actors.  We would be happy to add this book to the Indie Books We Love section of the LoveReading website.”

The Rain City Hustle Available for Pre-Order

I’m happy to announce that The  Rain City Hustle is now available for e-book pre-order on Amazon here.  If you pre-order, the book will be automatically sent to you on the official release date which is 9-15-2022.

Of course, if you can’t wait that long, you can join my ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) team.  You can get a free copy of the e-book sent to you right now if you’re willing to read the book and provide an honest review to either Amazon or Goodreads on the release date.  Here’s a link.

I appreciate your interest in the newest Danny Logan adventure and I hope you enjoy it!


A Half Second from Eternity

Saturday morning about a week ago, I started thinking about it and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d given Michelle a card or flowers. Realizing this, I started to worry that my “good husband” standing might have slipped a notch or two–not a good place to be.  So, I told her I wanted to run out to McDonalds for an egg McMuffin and a diet coke–which I did.  But on the way home, I also stopped at Central Market (our local version of Whole Foods) and picked out a card and a bouquet for her:  daisies, lilies–happy springtime flowers.

On the way home, I congratulated myself on my soon-to-be improved husband status while I listened to the radio, waiting to turn left onto the small street that leads up the hill to our house.

The light turned green.  I glanced left and right – clear both ways.  No one was behind me, so I took a moment and set my McDonalds large diet coke into the vans drink holder.  I looked up and just as I started to press the gas pedal, a 5000-pound Buick missile shot past from left to right.  One second, it hadn’t been there.  A half-a-beat later,  there it was, hurdling downhill through the intersection at 45 miles an hour.

I can distinctly picture the older woman driving. She wasn’t looking at the road–her head was turned to her right and she was completely absorbed in a conversation with her husband (in the passenger seat).  She was totally oblivious to the fact that she’d just blown the red light.

I stopped quickly–I really hadn’t even started moving yet.  I didn’t have time to honk.  She thundered past–never did see me.  I probably took a deep breath, then I made the turn and the rest of the trip home (about 45 seconds) was thankfully uneventful.

Inside, I gave Michelle her flowers. Then, sort of “oh-by-the-way-listen-to-this”, I told her about the Buick.  “Guess what? Just down at the bottom of the hill, I was about a half-second away from getting t-boned by some idiot.”

Up to that point, she’d been delighted by the flowers and the card (mission accomplished!) but when I told her what had happened, suddenly, her smile vanished.  Then she started crying.  Then it hit me and I probably started crying, too.

If I’d have been in my normal hurry and have pulled into the intersection when the light turned green a half-second earlier, the Buick would have broadsided me and, moving as fast as it was, the impact would have been devastating.  The van would have simply disintegrated and there’s no way I’d have survived.  I hadn’t done anything brilliant–I wasn’t even aware.  The simple act of setting my diet coke into the van’s drink holder had probably saved my life.  I was literally a half-second away from eternity.

This realization hit both of us hard–all our plans, all our dreams-everything would have spun around in an instant.  The very idea was overwhelming.  But it had almost just happened.  Believe me, it took a few minutes to get back to normal.

There are three lessons I want to share from this.  First, take nothing for granted–not your life, not your friends, certainly not your family.  Life holds very few guarantees so best to make sure you carry no unfinished business.  Don’t let your “good husband” or “good wife” or “good son or daughter” status slip. You might not have the opportunity to set things straight.

Second, don’t forget:  somewhere out there, there’s a 5,000 pound Buick with your name on it.  Your job is to make sure you find it before it finds you. Always be on the lookout!

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